+91 9412082143, 9634057664.


Mandatory Disclosure Format

The following information shall be display by the institution concerned n its own website for the information of all concerned as per provision of regulation 7(10) and 8(16) of the NICE

(Recognization Norms & Procedure)Regulation, 2009

Details of institution

Date of establishment- 2008

Complete postal address

Tehsil –Jilasu,Vikas khand –Pokhari.

Phone – 0137-252678,251555
Mob – 9634057664, 09412082143
Fax – 01372-252777(pp)
E-mail – hietchamoli @g-mail.com
Website Address- www.hiet-chamoli.com

Nearest Railway Station – RISHIKESH
Nearest Town- KARANPRYAG
Type of institution(Boys/Girls/Co-Education)  — CO-EDUCATION
Status of institution(Minority/non-Minority). — NON-MINORITY


Government owned
Self-financed.  — SELF FINANCED
University Department
Any other (please specify

Details of the course applied for

Level of the Course-                                                                         UG
Name of the Teacher –

Education course.                                                                             B.ED

Duration of the Course-                                                                  TWO YEARS

Whether to be conducted in face to face distance mode-       Face To Face

Proposed Intake-                                                                              100
Academic session from which The Course will be conduct       2012
Details of the Affiliating Body

Name-    Sri Dev Suman Uttarakhand University
Tel-01376-35406, fax-01376-254095



Whether copy of the Affidavit in the prescribed.      YES
Format has been displayed on website as Required under reg 8(9)of the NCTE Reg 2009.   14&32
Land Identification- KHASRA NO:    Plot No. 977,978,980,981,982, 983, 984, 994, 995, 996, 997, 998, 999, 1000

(Plot/Khasra No.) –

Land area sq mt        4400 sqr.mt.
Whether the title of the
land is ownership basis—    OWNERSHIP BASIS
Title of the land is on
Lease as per law.       Himalayan Institute of Education & Technology , Jilasu

Duration of the lease
Land use certificate obtained.    
For                               ASTT.COLLECTOR,FIRSTCLASS,POKHARI educational institution-DISTRICT-CHAMOLI VID ORDER NO.

02/08-09 143-L.R.ACT ,DATED 13.02.2009.


Manpowar(photographs of teaching faculty should be displayed)

Details of appointed teaching staff

(Date of birth, Qualification Professional Qualification, and other relevant

A. Principal/HOD :

(1) Dr. Devendra Kumar Bharadwaj , 20/12/1976 , MSc – Chemistry , B.Ed , M.Ed, Ph.d In Edu , with 11 Yrs Exp



(1) Geeta Gusain , 18/06/1984 , M.A – English , B.Ed , M.Ed
(2) Dalip Singh , 30/06/1982 , M.A – Hindi , B.Ed, M.Ed
(3) Yamuna Prasad , 25/07/1981 , M.Sc – Maths , B.Ed , M.Ed.
(4) Akhil Chamoli , 20/04/1983 , M.Sc – Physics, B.Ed , M.Ed ,M.Phill
(5) Anjana Chauhan , 16/03/1984 , M.Sc – Botany , B.Ed , M.Ed
(6) Sarojini Vaishnav , 13/02/1968 , M.A – Geography , B.Ed , M.Ed
(7) Narendra Singh , 07/06/1983 , M.A – Economics, B.Ed , M.Ed (Foundation Course)
(8) Gajpal Ram Raj , 06/07/1980 , M.A – Economics , B.Ed , M.Ed , M.Phill (W)
(9) Anand Kishore , 25/03/1983 , M.Sc – Botany , B.Ed, M.Ed (W)

(A). Fine Arts/Performing Arts (Part time)
   (1) Manjeet Singh , 01/05/1984 , M.A – Drawing / Arts , B.Ed

(B). Director of Physical Education: (Part time)
   (1) Harendra Singh , 11/12/1982 , B.Com , BPED , MPED
   (2) Sri Balbir Chauhan , 05/05/1978 , M.Com.,DPED,MPED (W)


Details of appointed non-teaching staff.

A. Librarian:
   1. kavita Rawat , 11/06/1986 , B.A , M.Lib

B. Lab Technician:
   1. Sri Gajendra Singh 13.03.84 , MSc , B.Ed

C. Office-cum-Accountant Astt.
   1. Sri Manoj Kumar 01.01.75 M.Com.

D.Office Astt.cum Cmp.Op.
   1. Sunil Kumar Maikhuri , 20/05/1975 , M.A

E. Store Keeper.
   1. Geetansh Tiwari , 01/07/1988 , B.A

F. Attandant/helpers.
   1. Sri Deepak Sati , 01.05.80 ,8th Passed
   2. Sri Ashok Kumar , 10.05.82 , 8th Passed


Construction of the building is complete                 Yes
Building is yet to be constructed.                               NA
Building is fire safety proof                                         Yes
Building is disable friendly                                          Yes
Common room for boys/girls available                    Yes
Date of completion of the Building                            16 SEPT.2009
Covered Aera in sq mt.                                                1534 Sq.Mt.
Number of classroom                                                  02


The library has separate reference section                                            Yes
Journals section and reading room.                                                        Yes
Number of books in the library                                                                  3084
Total number of education
Journal/periodicals being subscribed                                                      05
Number of encyclopidedias available in the library                               05
Number of book available in the reference section Of the library        26
Seating capacity of the reading room of the library                              50

Instructional Facilities

Details of laboratories available (pl attach annexure)

(a) ICT resource centre (Computer lab).                        Yes
(b) Psychology Resource lab.                                           Yes
(c) Art and craft resource centre.                                    Yes
(d) Health and Physical Resource centre.                      Yes
(e) Science and Mathematical Lab.                                Yes

Arrangement made for practice teaching

Number and Name of school(s) for practice teaching.

(a) Govt. Inter College ,Langasu.
(b) Govt.Girls J.High School, Langasu.
(c) S.G.R.R.Inter College,Kaleshwar.
(d) Janta Intermediate College Maikhura.
(e) Govt. Inter College Shilangi.
(f) Govt. Inter College Karanpryag.
(g) Public Junior School Jilasu.
(h) Janta Sishu Niketan Langasu.
(i) Govt. High School Bhakunda.
(j) Govt. High School Umatta.
(k) Govt High School Develibagar.
(l) Govt. High School Jhiloti.
(m) Govt. J,High School Girsa.
(n) Govt. High School Sharana.

Facilities for games & sports

Own playground                                                                      Yes      
Playground of another institution on sharing basis            No
Gymnasium/ Multipurpose hall                                             Yes
Facilities for gymnasium                                                         No
Facilities for athletics                                                               No
Facilities for indoor games                                                     Yes
Facilities for outdoor games                                                   Yes

Other Facilities available

Canteen facilities available or not                         Yes
Medical facilities available or not                          Yes
Hostal facilities available or not                             No